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RAS lapplication marche très bien.

Really nice, but please support Gmail labels

So as I said outlook really offers a great mail experience. Its relatively well designed. However I do miss Gmail labels, I use them to categorised my emails, and usually employs several labels for a mail. Please display them. Also please support other calendar applications like Fantastical.

Perfect for the use we need on a smartphone

Exactly what we need !

Very good

This app works very well. Congratulations.


Atendeu minhas expectativas

Muito bom

Achei muito pratico

Awesome app from Microsoft

Very good app for Mail.


Excelente aplicativo

Missing features

Please add html signature support and a way to hide email content from the lock screen as we have in the built in iOS app. This is an important security feature.

The App Changed my approach

i have been suffering email overload at work since I started working. And this app is helping in a very real way. Initial I tried to fight the app to get it to mimic my outlook desktop setup, and I recently had an epiphany. The app is doing me a favor! Having emails structured as conversation on topics(subjects) means the chain of emails are all available and its how I work in the real world. Moving from conversation to conversation. The app is surprisingly light and that makes you deal with whats in front of you rather than get swamped with everything else. Pairing with all the other apps in the office suite I have managed to migrate away from my desktop. I now only use an ipadPro and my phone and in so have freed myself from the desk. Language support still needs work and the app support are faster than my in office support. And they have a sense of humor. Thank you Microsoft, you are doing this, very, very well.


Since last update, the app crashes right when I open it. Cant access my work email....


Very fast reception and reliable, but also quite confusing, too much stuff on a page


Top client! In order to turn on push for all emails, go to every account settings and switch the setting for alerts from "only important" to "all".

Umfangreich to Go

Super. Hat mehr Features als das Email-Apple-Standard-Programm.

Mail good, calendar poor

Seems MS still havent removed finger and included recurring appointments in calendar. This renders it useless for most people I should think. If they can change this, then I would be happy to recommend this app. Dissapointing.

WAY better than apples "Mail"

WAY better than apples "Mail" once you figure out how to use it. It filters out your important and not so important messages which is great!

Daily essential

Very good app in terms of functionality, intelligent features.


I hope I dont get notified to rate this app again on the next app updates.


This is an excellent app. I have used many other email apps in the past but this is a keeper.

Perfect for Exchange

Our organization uses a MicroSoft Exchange mail server, and this app is far superior to the default mail app. It syncs much more fluidly with our Outlook, the features are great, and the design is top notch. I also really enjoy real updates, with improvements, fixes, and great notes from the devs about what the update does, and whats coming down the pipeline.

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